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A system allowing a user to open their private online video channel. Unlike YouTube, is not intended for publishing individual videos. Authors are required to publish regular video updates (episodes) to their channel
One of the most popular online blogging services allowing user to open their own blog and customize its look and features
a service where users can subscribe, create, manage and share news feeds, blogs and web content from across the web
A social bookmarking service allowing users to follow sites bookmarked by others, connect with people interested in similar issues, etc
Free online service for collaborative creating mind maps online
Change Alarm
An online service alerting user to changes on predefined pages
Online relational database. An open source software that has to be installed on a server
One of the most popular social bookmarking service. Allows users to bookmark and tag online resources, connect with others who bookmark same resources, search resources on specific subjects bookmarked by others, etc
Emerging community driven social networking service that aspires to compete with such services as Facebook or Ning. As opposed to majority of similar commercial services, Diaspora
Social bookmarking and information management tool. Diigo also facilitates collaborative research by enabling users to bookmark and organize results of their online research and share with others.
Online conferencing service. There is a limited free version, as well as up-scaled paid versions for large groups. Includes audio, video, shared whiteboard and number of other interactive tools.
File sharing, synchronisation and backup system that is particularly handy for sharing up-to-date documents among team members.
Popular open source content management system on which complex websites can be built. Must be installed on a server by a skilled server administrator
Social networking service for which users can sign up, create groups and connect with others (as they do in Ning), or they can download it, install on their own servers and network within their teams or groups. Ideal for teamwork or communication with other groups that require private interaction.
Blackboard Collaborate
Online conferencing tool allowing audio/video meetings of large groups and including number of interactive features supporting synchronous online meeting & collaboration
A video sharing site for activist & social justice videos from Asia and Pacific
a social network service and website. It is reportedly the leading social networking site based on monthly unique visitors
A popular photo sharing service integrated with many other Web2.0 tools. Search on Flickr allows searching for images that are licensed with open licenses and can be therefore used for one's own needs
Forum (Online forum)
An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. Depending on the access level of a user and/or the forum set-up, a posted message might need to be approved by a moderator before it becomes visible. There are millions of forums on the internet on all imaginable issues. Most forums are public but they can be also designed as private (visible only to registered users)
An open source mind-mapping desktop application. Allows users to organize abstract concepts in visual maps.
a mesh of online service, desktop application and a large collection of over 200 indicators of Global development. Dynamic graphs showing development over time can be generated through the system (e.g. suited for conference presentations).
Collaborative online drawing and mind-mapping service
Google Alerts
email updates of the automatic Google search results based on your choice of query or topic
Google Blogs
A blog search system that can be configured to always show latest results on a specific user query
Google Buzz
Google's social networking site where users can connect and share. Google Buzz is a direct competitor of services such as Facebook
Google Calendar
Online calendaring service that is integrated with other Google's services. Calendars can be embedded in other sites and blogs, shared with selected contacts or with everyone, and read and managed through number of desktop and mobile applications
Google Chart Tools
System for creating online charts from user's data
Google Docs
an online platform for creating, sharing and collaborating on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
Google Earth
A desktop application for browsing Google's world maps in 3D view
Google Form
A simple service for designing online forms that can be used for surveys and polls (part of Google Documents)
Google Groups
An integrated communication channel/group containing a mailing list (which can be read online as an online forum) and a document and link repositories. Ideal for creating private work spaces for your team
Google Maps
online mapping service. Maps can be embedded in websites or blogs and used to display user's own geographical data over Google's maps
Google News
A service that aggregates latest news from hundreds of other news services, based on user's area of interest
Google Reader
Online service for reading updates on sites followed by the user from within one place (Google's page). Similar functionalities to Rss reader applications but in addition it offers further possibilities to share updates with other users, with one's own desktop and mobile applications, etc
Google Scholar
Search engine that searches within scientific publications published online
Google Sites
A free service permitting a user to build a Google-hosted simple websites within minutes. Sites can be public or (semi) private, so they can be used as private spaces for team work
Google Trends An analytic service showing how many times Google users searched for specific terms
Desktop application for vector image manipulation
Online survey service allowing user to easily create, modify, run and analyse complex surveys online. Includes a limited free version. Limeservice is based on free and open source LimeSurvey server application which can be downloaded and self-hosted. Limeservice & self-hosted LimeSurvey allow exporting survey data into number of format including SPSS-compatible formats
Popular social networking service focused on professional networking and career search. Enables users to upload their professional profile, seek recommendations, build CVs, etc
Popular blogging service
Many Eyes
IBM's online system allowing users to upload datasets in specified simple formats and visualize them in many different ways. Many Eyes also permits users to share created visualizations through several social networking tools
Online mind-mapping and brainstorming software enabling users to collaboratively build mind maps online
Motion Chart
A data visualization gadget for Google Docs. Permits design of motion visualizations over time generated from data published on Google Docs spreadsheet.
MS Paint (part of Windows OS)
Simple desktop application for painting images and graphs. Part of MS Windows
An online service enabling user to pull most of his/her internet-related needs to one place/page
Social networking service with particular focus on closed groups. Commonly used for team work and team updates
Free suite of office applications which include a text editor, spreadsheet editor, database software, presentation software and drawing application (full featured free replacement of Microsoft Office)
Online map of the world created by users who upload and modify their own geo data (such as GPS reading). The quality and resolution of data varies very much according to a region. As with GoogleMaps, maps from OpenStreetMap can be embedded into websites, used to display own statistics and other data with go components, etc. As opposed to GoogleMaps, OpenStreetMap data are community owned and can be downloaded and used in any way user need (including maps of whole regions, etc)
Social networking tool that is competing with Facebook. Orkut is particularly popular in Brazil and India
Online search service focusing on digging out all information published online on/by a specific person
Quick Reader
Free desktop application for reading Rss feeds
RSS feeds
Links allowing one to be alerted to updates on blogs and websites without having to visit them. Rss feeds can be read via one of many Rss feed readers (desktop applications) or via number of specialised online services
Online survey service allowing user to easily create, modify, run and analyse complex surveys online
Online service enabling registered users to generate embeddable online charts from their own datasets.
Tableau Public
a powerful application that generates interactive data visualizations that can be used both in printed materials as well as online. It works with datasheets in excel format.
Service for following subject-specific post published across blogosphere
Most popular open source email client / desktop application
One of the most popular social networking services based sharing topic-specific short messages via one of hundreds of applications that support Twitter
online service allowing to track one's presence (how often a subject is mentioned) in social networking and blogging sphere
Online service for easy tracking of changes on pages specified by user. Shows tracked changes the way they are displayed in changes-tracking mode in popular text editors
Online video streaming & sharing service. Ideal for working purposes as videos can be shared with people belonging to specific user groups
Online conferencing tool allowing audio/video meetings of large groups and including number of interactive features supporting synchronous online meeting & collaboration
Online seminar including usually audio/video transmission, polling, quizzes and other interactive features. Webinars can be run using one of many online conferencing tools or specific online services customized to support webinars. Webinars can be used to run training or awareness-raising events on specific issues
An online system that allows user to visualize a particular term in a mindmap - graphical representation/map of relation between terms. It is based on searching terms published on Wikipedia.
websites that can be easily edited using their own specific taxonomy. Ideal for online collaborative document development. One type of wiki is used by Wikipedia. There are online services that offer wikis as a service, or they can be also downloaded and hosted on one's own server
One of the most popular online blogging services allowing user to open their own blog and customize its look and features. Very versatile in terms of customisation, many templates are available to change the look of the blog. WordPress is also a popular blogging application that can be downloaded and hosted on one's own server
A free web-based service allowing registered users to create embeddable online interactive timelines.
The most popular online video sharing service that can be used to upload and disseminate videos

Table of Contents of the iGuide

1. Introduction

2. Basic Communication Strategy and use of Web 2.0 Tools for Evidence Based Policy

3. Section 1: Political Context

4. Section 2: Evidence

5. Section 3: Links

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